Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance?
Title insurance protects against financial loss that would result from the discovery of a previously unknown defect to the title. A previous mortgage or lien, a forged document, an undisclosed heir, or any number of other issues can disrupt the ownership of a piece of land or a home if the issue left undiscovered.
What is a title search?
A title search examines the historical records of a plot of land. The search allows parties to a transaction to be fully aware of any and all ownership interests that apply to land.
When should I take out title insurance?
Title insurance is an integral part of many real estate transactions because it protects all the parties involved from the losses and inconvenience that can result from the discovery of title defects. Title services also help discover any defects to the title so that they can be resolved before the transaction moves forward.
What does title insurance do?
In exchange for a one-time premium, title insurance companies assume the risk of any defects discovered on the property’s title.
How much does title insurance cost?
In Ohio, the rate premium for title insurance is regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance. That means that the premium you will pay will be the same throughout the state for each type of policy. The only differences in costs between title agencies are the various fees that are charged for the closing-related services.
Can I have the title agency handle the closing?
Yes, your title agency can help you navigate the closing process. From managing the correct documents to arranging the closing itself, a good title partner can help streamline the process for all parties involved.
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